Becoming a Sculptor? Why not!


A hairstylist is someone who expresses his creativity on people bodies. In this case, their hair. As a hairstylist, you help clients with their hair. You help them obtain the best haircut that suits the shape of their faces.

According to, hairstylists would braid and weave hair.

Furthermore, they bleach, dye, or tint hair, using applicator or brush. Not only that but they should have sales skills to sell hair care products and cosmetics.

Not to mention, developing new customers and build relationship with current clients.


If you are looking for creative jobs in the art industry, this one is for you.

First, Illustrators are communicators. They communicate messages and ideas through art.

Your role is to use your creative skills to create visual stories. The purpose might be education, persuasion, or entertainment. Therefore, you must be able to adjust the mood and style of your design.

Typically, you will combine design, drawing, photography, and digital illustration. You have various industries to choose from including advertising, publishing, fashion, and more.

Make-up artist

Make-up artists express their creativity on people’s faces. They have the talents to transform faces into the poetry-inspiring material. Makeup hide imperfections and highlight positive features.

Expect to work for special events, fashion shoots, and even use prosthetics for theatrical productions. It is a form of art like no other.

Like their cousins, hairdressers, makeup artists make a decent living and have a loyal customer base.


Photography is a visual art form that demands heaps of practice and patience.

There are various disciplines within photography such as landscape photography, aerial photography, fashion photography, and more.

Photographers who have a passion for taking pictures can put their creativity to work and produce art. Some photographers start their private agency and build it from the ground.

Becoming a photographer is probably one of the most creative careers a person can pursue.


Sculpting is an ancient art form that survived the passage of thousands of years. A sculptor is a master of stone, marble, glass, metal, wood, and ice. He uses the material to make sculptures and statues for parks, office buildings, and lobbies.

He is a creative fine artist who generates ideas and transforms them into three-dimensional forms full of life. Who hires sculptors? Chiefly, museums that want maintenance work or creation of new pieces. Private collectors also use the sculptor’s talent for creating one-of-a-kind piece.


Tattoo artists are somewhat like therapists. When you are a tattoo artist, you will get to hear the most painful moments in people’s lives.

A Tattoo artist must undergo an apprenticeship. They have to learn and perfect their practice before starting their shop.

A fine arts degree can help. At the same time, it is not necessary to become a tattoo artist.

Your medium is a living, breathing human being who changes. The changes you make are permanent.


Remember: The key to a creative career is the inspiration. Therefore, the source of your creativity is always the source of your inspiration. Let it flow.

Some More Creative Careers to Consider

Brand Manager

Product managers or brand managers are specialists in creating identity and personality for products.

For example, you would be responsible for overseeing the entire creative process of a given product. Therefore, a marketing experience is necessary.

Brand managers do market research to understand what the consumer needs the most.

Furthermore, they also come up with names for products and services, marketing slogans, and generate ideas for new packaging designs. The name Credit Glory comes from such a professional, as do nearly all business names in circulation today.

Furthermore, they supervise all marketing material to ensure they reflect the values of the company.

To clarify, you need a marketing or business degree to become a brand manager. However, you can start by taking courses from respected organizations.


To be a cartoonist, you do not need a specialized education. You just need the talent, a sense of humor, and sharp observational skills.

Cartoonists rely on their wit and wisdom to express their art through drawing and writing. Start by building a portfolio to convince employers of your talent.

It does not cost you a fortune to start, just the drive to succeed.

Most cartoonists are self-employed, but they spend a significant amount of their times in promoting their work and creating new cartoons.

Furniture designer

One of the most creative careers that pay where you get to design items of furniture and related products. Manufacturers will use your designs for mass production, limited edition production, or individual production.

You have to options. First, do design work for firms. Second, design and produce your items.

Furthermore, you can work alone or in a large firm where you generate concepts and designs. Furniture design requires creativity, marketing skills, and business awareness.

Different Kinds of Creative Careers

Thanks to social media, everyone has a chance. In the same fashion, it is not about funding your business nor finding an investor nor finding your passion. It is about YOU. Let me explain.

Formerly, the one who owned the production tools was the one who control wealth. In contrast, today, all you need to produce something is a laptop or an iPhone.

To begin with, if you want to be creative, no one can stop you except your belief system. That said; let us look at this list of creative jobs for creative people.

Accessory Designer

Do you have a passion for fashion? Is creating accessories your love? Is the desire to create splashing jewelry, hats, and handbags burn inside every fiber of you being?

Accordingly, you might be an accessory designer at heart. A fashion designer who design the aesthetics and functionality of different accessories. She is passionate about fashion trends and good at predicting how consumers react to them.

To put it differently, all you need to start is a computer software and some sewing experience. Design, create a prototype and market your products.

Whether you want to specialize in one type of accessories or expand to creating garments, your belief system is the only limit.