Thanks to social media, everyone has a chance. In the same fashion, it is not about funding your business nor finding an investor nor finding your passion. It is about YOU. Let me explain.

Formerly, the one who owned the production tools was the one who control wealth. In contrast, today, all you need to produce something is a laptop or an iPhone.

To begin with, if you want to be creative, no one can stop you except your belief system. That said; let us look at this list of creative jobs for creative people.

Accessory Designer

Do you have a passion for fashion? Is creating accessories your love? Is the desire to create splashing jewelry, hats, and handbags burn inside every fiber of you being?

Accordingly, you might be an accessory designer at heart. A fashion designer who design the aesthetics and functionality of different accessories. She is passionate about fashion trends and good at predicting how consumers react to them.

To put it differently, all you need to start is a computer software and some sewing experience. Design, create a prototype and market your products.

Whether you want to specialize in one type of accessories or expand to creating garments, your belief system is the only limit.

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